Guido Knopp, one of the Prophets of End Time

Mar 12, 2007

Guido Knopp, the Holocaust and the Final Battle all the way to Hell

Guido Knopp in End Times: 1996 - 2007

End Times - when many of the answers that were previously concealed or found only as part of the picture propagated by the BIG LIE, finally become clear to all.

1996, marks a milestone in History, as the first documentary series of Guido Knopp, "Hitlers Helfer", was broadcasted at prime time in German State Television ZDF.

Guido Knopp is behind ALL 20 History TV documentaries with the highest audience in Germany, either as Director, Producer, Writer or Production Manager.

The first of these documentaries is from 1996, the last from this year, i.e. 2007.

Before 1999 his documentaries would be broadcasted at prime time. After they were broadcasted on Sundays after midnight. Some of these documentaries were also shown at prime time, after being purged from some key scenes.

Extraordinary Features of the work of Guido Knopp

Beginning with his job at German State Television that allowed Guido Knopp access to historical footage that was unpublished all the way to the end times constellation that made possible for him to continue his work for over 10 years, the result was documentaries that:

- included archived footage that was kept secret until then, and often was never included again in other films after.

- are essential to understand the true story of World War I, World War II, the Holocaust of the Jews, how nuclear holocaust was postponed and the beginning of World War III.

In other words: his documentaries, for which some Matt Marriott's articles echo what the uncensored script would be, are key pieces in the picture that surfaces from the End Times Chronicle puzzle.

Below transcripts about the TV documentaries and books of Guido Knopp. Text highlighted in red and notes appended by Matt Marriott.

Biography for Guido Knopp - Wikipedia

Professor Dr. Guido Knopp (born January 29, 1948, in Treysa, Hesse) is a German historian, author and journalist.

He is perhaps the currently best known and most popular historian in Germany, mainly because he has produced a lot of TV-Documentations, predominantly about the "Third Reich" and National Socialism, but also about others, like Stalinism.

Notes from MM: no reference to the "Holocaust" TV documentary series, consisting of six parts of 45 minutes each.

Biography for Guido Knopp - IMDB

Sometimes criticized for presenting history too superficial, concentrating on persons and their biographies.

Filmography for Guido Knopp - IMDB

Filmography as: Director, Producer, Writer, Production Manager, Miscellaneous Crew, Self


"Hitlers Helfer" (12 episodes, 1996-1998)
... aka Hitler's Generals (USA)
... aka Hitlers Helfer II (Germany: second season title)

"Vatikan - Die Macht der Päpste" (2 episodes, 1997)
    - Papst Johannes Paul II. und die Freiheit (1997) TV Episode
    - Papst Johannes Paul I. und der Tod (1997) TV Episode

"100 Jahre - Der Countdown" (1999) TV Series


"Höllenfahrten" (1998) TV Series (producer) (unknown episodes)

3. Weltkrieg, Der (1998) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka WW III: World War III (USA)
... aka World War Three

"Holokaust" (2000) TV Series (producer)
... aka Hitler's Holocaust (USA)

Hölle von Verdun, Die (2006) (TV) (executive producer)

"100 Jahre - Der Countdown" (1999) TV Series (writer)

"Jahrhundert Krieg, Der" (2002) (mini) TV Series (series concept)

Production Manager:
Letzte Schlacht, Die (2005) (TV) (executive in charge of production)

Notes from MM: Hölle = Hell; "Höllenfahrten" = Paths to Hell.

"100 Jahre - Der Countdown" (1999) - IMDB

Directed by Guido Knopp

Bill Clinton ...
Josef Goebbels ...
Adolf Hitler ...
Kaiser Wilhelm II ...

Monica Lewinsky ...
Tsar Nicholas II ...

Interview - October 2001

TV DOCS: The series of Hitler documentaries continues to garner very high ratings in Germany. Did these documentaries represent the first time the German audience had a chance to learn about the Nazi period in such depth?
KNOPP: It was certainly not the first time that this topic was presented on German television. The first programs appeared in the early and mid '60s. But in terms of public reaction, our series were the most widely watched and the most widely discussed programs. They were also the most extensive and comprehensive in their scope.

The first of our Hitler series -- Hitler: A Profile, which was co-produced with the History Channel -- aired on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. We then started to look at the Nazi past like a pyramid, starting at the very top, with Hitler himself; then with the Nazi hierarchy, including Hitler's Henchmen; and then continuing with other aspects such as the Hitler's Holocaust and the Hitler Youth -- the youth movement under the Nazis.


TV DOCS: What new projects are you working on?
KNOPP: Right now we are working on a big project about the flight of Germans at the end of the World War II, in which 16 million Germans were displaced from former German territories and two million Germans actually died. We are also working on a project -- hopefully with American and Russian partners -- about the Cuban Missile Crisis. And we are working on a very extensive series looking back at World War II, hopefully also with international partners on both sides of the Atlantic, and with the opportunity to work with witnesses while they are still alive.


Note that "glücklich" was falsely translated as happy .

"But we must also show that German history cannot be tied exclusively to the Nazi period. There was a history before that and there has been a very happy history since."

"Glücklich" has another meaning, "lucky", which is the correct one in this case. The ultimate meaning is "grace time", given by God after World War II,  to Germans and to Mankind. A word that of course can't be used in the illuminati media, although it is the main subject of some of the key documentaries by Guido Knopp, e.g. "The Third World War" (premiere November 1998).

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